Table and Tonic Farm Cafe

About Us

We believe in organic agriculture and sourcing responsibly. Our mission is to nourish our community with wholesome food and good vibes.

We have ALWAYS been passionate about organic and sustainable living. Since The Local Grocer opened in 2010, our fruits, vegetables and produce have been sourced from local, organic farms (including our own Mountain Flower Farm in Intervale, NH) whenever available.

In 2021 we completed our 110-panel solar installation project and now generate enough electricity to completely power our café + deli as well as our market coolers.

We respect the diverse dietary needs and choices of our guests and strive to reflect that in our offerings. You will find many plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo options in our cafe + deli.

We offer original, healthy, and delicious items for breakfast and lunch; as well as fresh-pressed organic juices, smoothies, and espresso drinks, for all of your energy and immunity needs. We use organic produce, ethically-raised all-natural meats and cheeses, organic local eggs, local milk, and organic fair trade coffee roasted in NH.

We keep our own dollars as local as possible in support of our local economy. From hand thrown pottery by local potter Jenny Blair, to wall art by local artists, we believe that Local is Beautiful. We utilized repurposed materials from our historic carriage house property and the owners’ farm when redesigning our cafe in 2018, and Heather grows flowers to decorate the dining room year-round. These elements contribute to the sense of place felt in our artful, casual cafe space.

Tip: We have lots of outlets and love seeing people working remotely and meeting with colleagues in our cozy sun-filled cafe dining room.

We prioritize being a green business behind the scenes as well; using biodegradable cleaning products, recycled and compostable to-go ware, and by minimizing our waste stream through comprehensive recycling and donating of food scraps to local farmers.

Shop our market for your health food essentials and natural remedies, or take a moment to wander the eco-gift shop for unique and meaningful finds.