Here at Table + Tonic we recently had the privilege of receiving a shipment of extremely fresh and delicious fish all the way from our friends in Alaska. While not local, we all agreed that this was the best salmon we had ever laid eyes on. What a treat.

Our chef, Richard Schmitt, created this amazing dish:

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon + Cucumber Tare Tare + 5 Spice Roasted Plum + Sweet Tamari + Chili Oil

The Hall Family is a family-owned and operated commercial setnet fishing site in Kasilof, Alaska. The town of Kasilof is small, but beautiful, with a population hovering just around 550.

The Halls fish primarily for wild red salmon. They pride themselves on providing wholesome, natural and wild salmon that not only is more nutritious for the consumer but sustainable for the environment. We love this, as their values align closely with our mission to deliver fresh, healthy food options to diners in the Mt. Washington Valley.

Hall Family Wild Alaska Salmon is small family operation — Owners Melissa and her husband and their two “kids” (now 18 and 21 but they have fished since they were 7 and 10, respectively). They wanted a way to teach their kids about the value of hard work and knowing where their food comes from, so this brings them together every year. They also hire a 4- to 6-person crew each year and keep it simple, living in shacks on the beach and fishing out of open skiffs.

Be sure to check out our menu frequently, as it changes based on what we have grown locally, what’s currently in season, and what we have the pleasure of receiving from folks like the Halls.

We serve dinner nightly, Thursday through Monday from 5 PM to 9 PM. We do accept reservations.