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What Is Going On At Mountain Flower Farm This August

August summers in New Hampshire provide long sunny days and bountiful harvest. Take a look at what we've been growing this summer for our restaurant, Table + Tonic and The Local Grocer. Lacinato Kale Poblano Peppers Heirloom…

Hall Family Wild Alaska Salmon

Here at Table + Tonic we recently had the privilege of receiving a shipment of extremely fresh and delicious fish all the way from our friends in Alaska. While not local, we all agreed that this was the best salmon we had ever laid eyes on.…
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Food that can taste great AND make you feel good

So what's in the jar? This is Trifolium pratense in raw apple cider vinegar. Why? Because red clover is packed with MINERALS that our bodies need to thrive, and apple cider vinegar is superb at extracting minerals. Red clover has all sorts…