Lunch Menu

We buy locally whenever possible and use: local organic eggs – house baked organic bread – local milk – organic produce, nuts, seeds, beans and grains – humanely raised nitrate free meat – hormone free butter and cheese

Hot Sandwiches

Turkey or Roast Beef Reuben

With sauerkraut, swiss cheese and special sauce – grilled panini style

Turkey  10.95 Roast Beef  12.95

Turkey Pesto Melt

Oven roasted turkey, house pesto, Pineland Farms cheddar, spinach and tomato 11.95

New Hampshire BLT

Nitrate free uncured NH bacon, field greens, tomato and mayonnaise, toasted 10.95

Vegan BLT

Vegan bacon, field greens, tomato, veganaise – toasted. 10.95


Baked ham, swiss, pickles, and honey mustard grilled on sourdough. 11.95

Tempeh Reuben – V

Tempeh  salad with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and special sauce on sourdough 9.95 (substitute our cashew “cheeze” to make it vegan +1)

Falafel Wrap – V

Oven baked house made falafel, lettuce, tomato, carrots and pickled red onions with our lemon tahini dressing 9.95

Cold Sandwiches

Red Curry Chicken Wrap

Our house made curried chicken salad, field greens, vine ripened tomato, pickled red onion, and currants 10.95

The Uncle Russ

Virginia baked ham, housemade dijonnaise sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickled red onions 10.95

Grass-Fed Roast Beast

Northeast Family Farm house-roasted beef, lettuce, roasted red peppers, pickled red onions and a horseradish dill sauce 12.95

Primo Naturale Italian

Nitrite-free salami and pepperoni, Virginia baked ham, provolone, vine-ripened tomato, pickled red onion, pickles, sea salt, pepper and herb infused oil and vinegar. Served on sourdough or as a wrap  13.95

Natural Sea Tuna Salad Wrap

Sustainably harvested tuna and salad, lettuce and tomato 11.95

Garlic Hummus Wrap – V

house-made hummus with lettuce, tomato, carrot and pickled red onion 8.95

with cheese $10.95

Café Chimes Tempeh a la Harlan Wrap – V

Our version of the valley classic! Marinated and roasted tempeh salad with lettuce, tomato and pickled onion

Dedicated to Kathy Etter 8.95 with cheese 10.95

Vegan Egg Salad Wrap – V

Field Greens, raw beet slaw. 8.95


Local Bison Quesadilla

grass fed spiced bison, black bean salsa, roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Served with greens, salsa and sour cream 15.95

Southwest Quesadilla – V

Black beans, corn, peppers, onions and sautéed spinach with house-made turkey sausage and Pineland Farms cheddar. Served with salsa, greens and sour cream.  13.95 without meat  11.95 (substitute our cashew “cheeze” to make it vegan +1)


Red Curry Chicken

on field greens with vine-ripened tomatoes, pickled onions, currants and your choice of dressing  10.95


field greens with Kalamata olives, pickled red onion, tomato, Pineland Farm feta and two house-made warmed falafels with our lemon tahini dressing 12.95

Happy Belly– V

Our tempeh and veggie salad on field greens with our lacto-fermented sauerkraut, beet slaw, carrots and your choice of dressing  9.95

Sustainably Harvested Tuna

field greens with vine-ripened tomato, carrots, pickles, lacto fermented sauerkraut and our tuna salad with your choice of dressing  11.95

In the Field– V

field greens, beet slaw, grated carrot, vine-ripened tomato and pickled red onions with your choice of dressing. Large  8.95 Small  5.95

add goat cheese +3

Something Simple

Organic PB&J 3.95 – V

Ham and Cheese (can be grilled) 9.95

Turkey and Cheese (can be grilled) 9.95

Grilled Cheese 5.95

Grilled Cheese, bacon and tomato 8.95

Lunch Sides

Supergreens Salad 3.95 – V

Seasonal Vegetables 2.95 – V

organic sauerkraut 2.50 – V

vegan house made cashew “cheese” 2.00 – V

garlic dill pickles 1.50 – V

V = Vegan or vegan option (please notify your server if you would like your grilled items made with xv olive oil instead of butter)