Breakfast Menu

We buy locally whenever available and use: local organic eggs – house baked organic bread – local milk – organic produce, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains – humanely raised nitrate free meat – hormone free butter and cheese

Omelets, Burritos and Breakfast Bowls

Bowls scrambled eggs with toppings and melted cheese served with homefries

Omelets are served with home fries and toast.

Burritos served on a whole wheat or gluten-free wrap (+2) and come also with home fries.

Southwest: 2 eggs, Pineland Farm Monterey jack and our black bean vegetable salsa with house-made turkey sausage 13.95 without meat 11.95

Peaceful Warrior:2 eggs, spinach, vine ripe tomato and Pineland Farm feta 11.95

Sun Salutation:2 eggs, sautéed mushrooms, onions, red peppers, bacon and Seal Cove Farm goat cheese 14.95 without meat 12.95

Buffalo Soldier:2 eggs, housemade bison sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, black bean salsa and Monterey jack cheese 15.95 without meat 13.95

Wild Caught:2 eggs, house cured gravlox (made with wild caught pacific salmon), Monterey jack cheese, tomato, spinach 12.95

The Egg and Cheese:2 eggs and your choice of cheese and meat 12.95 without meat 10.95

Breakfast Classics

The Original:2 Eggs Any Style with choice of meat, home fries, and choice of toast. 10.95

without meat 7.95

Breakfast Sandwich: fried egg and Pineland farm cheddar cheese on our house made sourdough or whole wheat $5.95

+ bacon or turkey sausage+2

+ ham or bison +4

sub bagel +2

gluten-free +2

House Originals

Vegan Scramble Plate – V

Our tempeh salad warmed with sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and house vegan cashew “cheeze” – Scramble comes with toast and home fries. Can also be served as a burrito, served with home fries. 13.95

Vegan Breakfast Bowl – V

Field greens, carrots, home fries, hummus, house vegan cashew “cheeze” – toast. Can also be served as a burrito.  12.95

Crème Brulee French Toast

House-made Challah bread dipped in our crème brulee batter. Served with local maple syrup. 9.95 Add sliced banana for +1

Organic Fruit and Granola Bowl – V

Local organic Grandy Oats granola with organic fresh fruit and choice of house-made kefir, Sherman Farm milk, or almond milk 8.95

Jumpstart Breakfast Bowl – V

A refreshing smoothie-style blend of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana and peanut butter topped with organic Grandy Oats granola, organic fresh fruit, coconut and chia seeds 10.95

Rise + Shine Bowl – V

A smoothie-style blend of pineapple, mango, banana, hemp seeds, agave – local Grandy Oats granola, fresh fruit, bee pollen.  10.95


Pacific Wild-Caught Salmon Bagel

Sprouted grain bagel, house-made gravlox, whipped cream cheese, capers and pickled red onion 10.95

Veg Head

Sprouted grain bagel with hummus, vegan cashew “cheeze”, lettuce, tomato and pickled red onion 8.95

Sprouted Grain Bagel – V

With whipped cream cheese or peanut butter 4.25

sub almond butter +1.50

Breakfast sides:

Organic home fries 3.95 – V

House-made turkey sausage 2.50

Uncured nitrate-free bacon 4.95

House-made bison sausage 4.50

Organic house-made toast 2.00 – V

Organic fruit cup 4.95- V

Housemade kefir 2.95

V = Vegan or vegan option.  Please notify your server if you would like xv olive oil used instead of butter.