What is Farm to Table?

From our Farm

What does farm to table mean to us? We do not just nod to the concept of local sourcing for marketing purposes, but have served local, organic food grown at the owners’ home and permaculture farm since the opening of The Local Grocer in 2010.

Our farm, Mountain Flower Farm, is located just down the road in Intervale, NH. We are excited to take the “from-our-farm” concept to the next level with the opening of Table + Tonic, where we look to the daily harvests from our own gardens to be the inspiration for our rotating dinner menu of creative, fine cuisine.

At Mountain Flower Farm we use “beyond organic” methods, creating our own compost from food “waste” from the restaurant and market, working in accordance with moon and planetary cycles of the biodynamic gardening calendar, creating many of our own soil preps, and stewarding the soil and land to bring you the most nutrient-dense and alive food possible.

Our near-daily harvests keep the food on your plate as vibrant, nutritious, and full of life as possible.