Farm to Bar or Garden to Glass as we like to call it!

We have taken the farm to table concept to the bar with our Farm to Bar cocktail menu, where we create botanical cocktails with herbs from our own farm. Shrubs, cordials, simples and elixirs, prepared by Heather, Clinical Herbalist, with herbs from our own gardens, are expertly blended with fine alcohols to create discriminating cocktails with a little local plant magic. We’re in love with this garden to glass concept and look forward to introducing you to the delicious, herb-inspired cocktail party.

Cocktail Menu

  • Fleur Noire $12

    Salignac Cognac – Dry Vermouth – Cointreau – Mullein/Hyssop/Echinacea Shrub

  • Raspberry Orange Cosmo $14

    House Infused Raspberry Vodka – Solerno – House Orange Bitters – Lime Juice – Cranberry

  • Mountain Eyes $12

    Beefeater Gin – Pear Juice – Rosemary Simple – Absinthe

  • Little Water $12

    Skyy Vodka – Grapefruit – Persimmon Bitters – Lemongrass Bitters – Sparkling Brut

  • Remember The Maine $13

    Old Overhalt Rye – Cherry Heering – Sweet Vermouth – Mist of Absinthe

  • Sailor’s Song $12

    Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum – Raspberry Lemon Balm Shrub – Dark Agave – House Orange Bitters

  • T+T House-Made - Red or White - Sangria $9

  • Violet Martini $13

    Beefeater Gin – Violet Cordial – Lillet – House Orange Bitters

  • Kentucky Reviver $13

    Rye Whiskey – Lillet Blanc – Solerno – Lemon Juice

  • Back In Black Cherry $12

    Vodka – Cointreau – Black Cherry Balsamic